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Buddy Werner South Lake Tahoe

Buddy Werner South Lake Tahoe

Skier Registration Information

Welcome to Buddy Werner

REGISTRATION FOR 2019-2020 Season is OPEN! 

When you are ready to sign up, please register for a new account using the "Register" tab in the top right corner or, for returning skiers, please use the "Login" tab in the top right corner.  Once you log in with your account information you will be taken directly to the registration site!

General Information:

In order to ski with Buddy Werner, you must separately purchase from Sierra at Tahoe a season pass or daily lift tickets (purchased at a reduced price from Buddy Werner at check-in on Sundays) for each on mountain event (practice or race) for your child. AND you must separately purchase from Sierra at Tahoe a fast pass for your child.  Without access to the shorter lines afforded to fast pass holders, we would not have the time to conduct practices or races on any given day.

Once season starts, we generally meet every Sunday at 7:30 am in the Aspen Lodge at Sierra at Tahoe. Sierra is very generous in their hospitality of the Buddy Werner Youth Snow Sports League so please keep this in mind. Please follow all of Sierra-At-Tahoe rules as well as being courteous and respectful.

The first meeting is the most exciting and the most confusing. Please have patience. We are trying to organize all of our kids into teams.

FIRST, check in with the front table by 8:00 am at the latest, where we check your child in by name. YOU DO THIS EVERY MORNING YOU SKI, NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN IN THE PROGRAM. We will also ask if you have a yearly pass or need to buy a ticket for that day. If you do need to buy a ticket you do so at this time. Tickets can also be purchased for family or friends that will also be skiing.

SECOND, you will need to find the table designated with your child's team name and then have them sit with their coach and teammates at their team table.  For the first couple of weeks you may have different coaches. This process takes time and we will not leave anybody behind.

At approximately 8:15 am there will be a call for coaches and team volunteers to meet for that day’s instructions. The racers will be issued a race bib that they must keep on the entire day. You will generally keep this bib, and are responsible for bringing the bib every week.

At the end of the day (approximately 2:00pm) all racers will be in the lodge ready to be checked out by a parent or guardian. A child cannot check himself/herself out. If the racer is going to ride the bus home we need a note from the parent. The racer will still need to check out with the lodge person when they leave.


There are no paid personnel in our program. All Board Members, Race Crew, Lodge Supervisors and Coaches are volunteers. Each race day, we use as many Race Crew, Supervisors, and other Volunteers as we can impress into service! Even if you don’t ski, we have a volunteer job for you.  Every family is required to donate 15 hours of volunteer time each season to keep the Buddy Werner program running.  In order to ensure full participation in that volunteer requirement, we will collect a $150 volunteer deposit check from you when the bibs are distributed.  The check will not be cashed.  Instead it will be held until the end of the season and if your hours are met, we will return the check to you.

Each team uses 1 head coach plus as many Assistant Coaches as are willing to boot up and take the slope! Assistant Coaches can be Parents or Junior Coaches. Head Coaches must be at least 25 years old. Junior Coaches must be at least 14 years old, and are limited to Program Alumni or Siblings of team members.

The Head Coach has ultimate responsibility for organization and supervision of his/her team and assistants. In case of absence, the Head Coach must notify an appropriate Board Member in advance in order that a substitute may be arranged for. It is recommended that the Head Coach prepare Assistants for his/her absence in order to provide continuity.

The Head Coach is responsible for all daily paperwork and attendance tracking of his/her racers. Head Coach will always wear a radio which is on all day. It is permissible to split the team up and send smaller groups skiing with an Assistant, as long as Head Coach knows where they are and what they are doing. If you do split up make sure the Assistant has a radio also.

All Volunteers, including coaches, must procure their own lift ticket or season pass. Most years, as reward for the hard work and dedication, Buddy Werner Volunteers will be allowed to purchase a season pass from Sierra-at-Tahoe at a reduced price. See information at registration or watch your e-mail.


  1. In addition to the cost of registering for the program, each skier must have a valid ski pass for each day on the mountain AS WELL AS a fast pass.  These products must be purchased separately from Sierra at Tahoe.
  2. It is the responsibility of the racers to keep the lodge clean and free of garbage.
  3. All Skiers and Parent Volunteers must sign in at the front table every day on the mountain.
  4. A parent or guardian must check the racer out at the end of every day on the mountain.
  5. All Skiers must stay with the team they are assigned.
  6. Parents cannot remove a child from a team and free ski. You must check your child out in the lodge if you wish to ski outside of the program.
  7. All participates must wear bibs at all times.
  8. All teams must be in the lodge by 2:30pm. Parents pick up at lodge at no later than 2:30pm, unless otherwise indicated. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. If racer does not want to ski or does not feel good, the participant must be brought to the lodge person where the participant must stay until checked out. The racer cannot be released to go home without checking out with the lodge person. The racer can not roam around in the lodge!
  10. Please go slow through the slow signs…Ski fast and you lose your pass.
  11. Please follow the Skiers Responsibility Code.
  12. Please take lunch before 11:30 or after 1:30 pm, the Aspen Room is overcrowded in between.
  13. If you have a discipline problem, call the President on the radio or the Lodge Person, they will contact the president. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE MISBEHAVING SKIERS.
  14. No guest skiers. Parents or Guardians may ski with the team if they have a current background check on file, but no others. Friends, minors, etc., are not allowed to ski with the team.
  15. Ticket sales will stop at 9:00 am depending on weather conditions.

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